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Item Name p/sqm
Banner 11oz (IMPORT)(Light Weight, Stainless steel Eyelets) $79
Banner 18oz Local $128
Banner 11oz (IMPORT) (For profile frames) $84
Banner 18oz ( Heavy Duty, stainless steel eyelets) IMPORT $108
Banner 21oz Local $156

Custom Banner Designs & Quality Banner Printing Services

At The Printer, we can custom design and print all types of banners for business or personal uses. From indoor to outdoor, lightweight to heavy-duty and everything in-between, we can create the perfect banner for you.

We can create custom banners, designed by our team from scratch, or can simply assist in printing any pre-designed banners you may have. We offer affordable solutions for your outdoor signage or banner needs that don’t compromise on quality.

Banners | Gold Coast | The Printer

Our Professional Printing Services Ensure Quality Banners at an Affordable Price

We create banners suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, that are waterproof, exceptionally durable and completely customisable to suit your desired look, shape and size. We offer teardrop and other shaped flags, profile banners, pull-out/roll-up banners and more, all with turnaround times of approximately 4-8 days (depending upon request parameters).

Our Gold Coast printing shop is conveniently located, and our highly -skilled team will work closely with you to ensure your banner design meets your expectations throughout every stage of our process.

At The Printer, we ensure that your banner is ready-to-go on delivery, which means we include a welded rope onto the banner or tracks to fit onto tailers and buildings.

Visit Our Gold Coast Shop to Discuss Banner Designs for Your Business!

Unlike many printing companies, we at The Printer believe in customer satisfaction above all, which means face-to-face interaction, personal accountability and competitive pricing. We will work with you in-person to create your banner design and deliver on what we promise. We walk you through each stage of our process, so that you have a clear understanding of how your banner will be made and what the finished product will look like. At the Printer, we take every step to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your finished banner.

Contact us today to discuss about banners with our Gold Coast team!